I have been in wholesale manufacturing, an apparel decorator, and a restaurant owner; none of which have been as challenging to me as setting up this website and deciding what the heck I wanted it to be about, exactly.

I finally decided to just go with a little bit of everything and then a bit little more!  Most of these products can be decorated and personalized with our Kornit Garment Printer, Laser and Embroidery Machines. I'm trying to create that 1-stop shop that covers all your shopping needs, for gifts and home, in one place.  I love everything rustic and kind of "beachy", so that's what I'm peddling :)!

Heck, I haven't even finished my own products - Outdoor pillows, hand-dyed indoor linen pillows, and personalized, printed table napkins!  Who has the time when I keep finding all this other cool stuff to sell??!

I can promise one thing; I will not let my store become boring or predictable - no way!!  It will be a lot like me, all over the place and hopefully fun!!

If you have something custom in mind, I'd love to hear from you.

Happy Shopping!!

- Heidi